Drew Technologies offers a wide range of J2534 Products for technicians and repair shops. Each J2534 product uses your laptop and an OEM subscription to allow vehicle reprogramming and diagnostics.

Factory Diagnostics

Drew Technologies' J2534 products are designed to work with OEM diagnostic applications. As a technician, you need the same diagnostic capabilities the dealer has. That's why DrewTech products work with Toyota Techstream, GM Tech2WIN, BMW ISTA, Volvo VIDI, Honda HDS, VW/Audi ODIS and may other OEM applications. DrewTech's J2534 interfaces have great OEM coverage for Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. All you need is a DrewTech J2534 interface and an OEM subscription.

All-Makes Reprogramming

CarDAQ-Plus® 3 and CarDAQ-M® support reprogramming for all-makes of vehicles worldwide. CarDAQ is recognized and approved by more automakers than any other J2534 interface. If you do not need to work on every make of vehicle, MongoosePro® interfaces support reprogramming for a single make.

Expert Support

For over 20 years, Drew Technologies has been designing and supporting vehicle interface products. Drew Technologies' J2534 products have been used and approved by more automakers worldwide than any other. Drew Technologies' Tech Support is focused on providing customers with the tools and knowledge they need to repair cars and grow their business. If you are ready to make the step up to J2534, DrewTech will use their experience and customer focus to help you succeed.

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RAP 2 | Remote Assist Program

RAP® 2

(Remote Assist Program)

CarDAQ-Plus 3

CarDAQ-Plus® 3


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