Standardized Hardware


It's not a new idea, but changes in automotive technology and maturing standards have finally allowed this idea to become a reality. All of Drew Technologies' products are based on standards.

SAE J2534 - The Vehicle Communications Standard

In 2002, SAE Published the first J2534 document. The intent of this was to require all OEMs to offer module reprogramming to repair shops in the aftermarket. The J2534 standard formalized a PC-to-vehicle API that would allow the same application to work with different hardware from different vendors. Today, several OEMs are using the SAE J2534 standard for their engineering calibration tools, module reprogramming, and global dealership diagnostics tools.

Benefits from Standardization

There are many tangible and intangible reasons why using automotive standards makes sense. Many OEMs adopted this standard because it offered them several advantages over proprietary systems using a published standard lowered development cost, the OEM could easily switch suppliers, and competition from vendors offered a wide portfolio of tools and competitive prices


Factory Diagnostics


Many automakers are developing their next generation diagnostics system to use J2534. Drew Technologies has been involved in the development, testing, validation, deployment, and support of several global OEM factory diagnostics programs using J2534. With tens of thousands of J2534 interfaces in the field and a warranty failure rate of significantly below 1 percent, Drew Technologies has the right experience and reputation to deliver high performance products on time and under budget.

Program-specific Hardware

There are no compromises when creating an essential tool for technicians at the dealership. It must meet all of the protocol requirements, fit in the right form factor, survive the harsh garage environment, work reliably every single time, and operate with the highest performance to ensure it's useful for years to come. Drew Technologies has global experience designing and manufacturing customized dealership diagnostics interfaces. We can offer competitive pricing, unique features, unmatched performance, quick prototyping, and excellent warranty rates.

J2534 Validation

With Drew Technologies' active involvement in the SAE developing automotive standards, we have fresh experience and in-depth knowledge of the standards and their intent. We are constantly performing validation projects with OEMs to help verify that their software meets the SAE J2534 requirements. We also help OEM's add their proprietary vehicle communications requirements to J2534-2 to create an industry standardized implementation.


Telematics & Logging


In the simplest terms, if you need to read, write, or interpret information from computer systems in automobiles, trucks, public transportation, or even non-automotive CAN networks, Drew Technologies is the place to go for experience and proven technologies. Drew Technologies has been in business for over 15 years with a core focus on increasingly complex vehicle communications. Drew Technologies serves a wide range of customers, from Fortune 100 companies (as a Tier 1 supplier) to independent software developers and start-up companies.

Data Logging

Drew Technologies offers several standard and custom products for data logging. Products such as AVIT-2 allow customers to log data from multiple CAN channels, proprietary protocols, GPS, and analog sensors simultaneously. We have significant experience gathering proprietary data well beyond generic OBD-2 PIDS.


Drew Tech offers customized tools that feature built-in cellular and wireless protocols. Our telematics devices are being used around the world and have transmitted millions of miles of driving data thru several different celullar networks.

Calibration Delivery

Drew Technologies tools have been used by OEMs for over a decade to reprogram calibrations into production and development vehicles. We offer both PassThru tools that can perform calibration delivery with a PC attached, and standalone tools that require no PC interaction.


Custom Engineering


Many of our customers have specialized needs that are not met by any off the shelf products. We can either customize our existing products or design new products from the ground up. We can leverage our global supply chain to quickly prototype and mass produce your customized product.

Product Experience

We have in-house experience designing vehicle communications hardware. We have worked on a wide range of projects from simple low cost projects to advanced dual core systems with integrated wireless support. Our core experience includes hardware design and embedded software, vehicle communications tools, advanced hardware, 1GHZ+ systems, Windows and Linux software and OS support, and built-in wireless technologies.