MongoosePro® Toyota 2 Bluetooth

MongoosePro Toyota 2 Bluetooth (MG PRO MFC2 BT) 

MongoosePro® Toyota 2 Bluetooth allows for wireless PC connectivity. Toyota has approved the MongoosePro Toyota 2 as a supported interface and will offer it directly to Toyota/Lexus/Scion dealerships and the aftermarket as Techstream Lite. Techstream Lite is a low cost package for factory diagnostics, service information, reprogramming, health checks, and customization. Product capabilities include support for DLC3 (OBDII) from 1996-present, diagnostic trouble codes, data list, active test, monitor, utility, reprogramming, health check, and customize (C-Best).

• Supports Emissions Reprogramming 2001 to current Toyota vehicles
• Supports Body Control Reprograming 2001 to current Toyota vehicles
• Also supports OEM Diagnostics 1996 to current Toyota vehicles
• Toyota approved global diagnostics tool
• Supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming with Toyota Techstream


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Price: $695