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J2534 Device FAQ's:

SAE J2534 specifies a Windows-based PC. Generally, identifying a specific PC is a moving target as OEMs update their individual requirements from time to time.

For a while, Drew observed that a Windows 7 Professional PC generally works for most OEM's. But now, OEMs have started specifying "only Windows 10" — and some go further by indicating only being able to work on a 32-bit or 64-bit PC.

Most other requirements, such as RAM and hard drive capacity, are typically sufficient in PCs that are less than five (5) years old.

Please visit our Technician Support page where you'll find links to each OEM website.


Some OEMs provide key programming thru their J2534 programming application — like GM and Toyota, for example — while others require a LSID.

Visit Nastf.org for LSID requirements.

Recently, FCA made improvements in their J2534 Application which has resolved a number of issues. However, there are a few issues still outstanding. Review the Current Issues information in the J2534 Toolbox for details

The CarDAQ-Plus 2 is faster, it does not have an Ethernet port, and it is designed with a sturdier USB connection to the device itself. The CarDAQ-Plus 2 also has additional GM and Honda support the CarDAQ-Plus doesn't have.

The MongoosePro is the most current design of the Mongoose products. The two main differences is that it has faster CAN communications and it has a better strain relief on the USB cable.

Functionally, there is no difference between these two devices for vehicles on the road today.

The main difference between these devices is that the CarDAQ-M is "modular" — modular in the sense that it can grow with technology. With the CarDAQ-M, if the OEM adds something to their J2534 requirements, Drew can build another module that can be attached to the main unit for that expanded capability. The CarDAQ-Plus 2 can be updated via software, but cannot be expanded via hardware changes.


Drew Technologies sells private label devices to:

• Snap On (Pass Thur Pro III)

• Launch Tech USA (J-Box 2)

• Ease Diagnostics (Universal Programmer II+)

• M2K (Wizard)

• AE Tools (AEZ Flasher 2)

Drew Technologies' SAE J2534 devices are J2534-1 and J2534-2 compliant and are the most tested and validated devices by the OEMs. Today, this compliance allows for programming of emissions related ECU's as well as most other ECU's on the vehicle and dealer-level diagnostics with the OEM J2534 application.

SAE J2534 devices are meant to be used as standalone devices along with a PC. Moreover, both devices utilize the single OBDII/ALDL/J1962 connector, so it's nearly impossible to connect both anyway.

Please visit our Downloads page for product information and user manuals.

Please visit our Downloads page and refer to the appropriate product user manual for activation instructions.

The SAE J2534 standard specifies using a Windows PC.

Please visit our Technician Support page where you'll find links to each OEM website.


Refer to the J2534 Toolbox for instructions.


The CarDAQ-Plus 2, CarDAQ-M and MongoosePro GM II all support GDS2.

Please refer to the J2534 Toolbox for additional information.