The CarDAQ-M® provides complete SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 capabilities as well as functionality for all vehicle makes and models. The CarDAQ-M® provides a unique twist to the growing technologies in the automotive world. The "M" in CarDAQ-M® stands for "modular" meaning this product evolves with technology as it is introduced to the market. If a given OEM releases something new that we at Drew Technologies cannot implement with a software or firmware modification, we will create another device that will simply connect to the existing device and "add-on" that new functionality. OEM-level Engine, Transmission and Body Control Module Reprogramming, and Dealer-level Diagnostics are available to you. Order now to increase your capabilities and be recognized as a leader in complete vehicle repair.

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Price: $1,895

  Optional BMW Cable Kit - Includes the 20 pin and 7-8 adapters for connection to BMW vehicles. (Add $80.00)
  Optional Mega-CAN add-on device. Adds 1 CAN Channel for future vehicles. (Add $399.00)
  Optional Mega-K add-on device. Adds 1 K/L line on any OBD pin for future vehicles. (Add $399.00)