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Welcome to Drew Technologies, the world leader in ECU reprogramming and  OEM Diagnostics using SAE J2534.


The modern day car is an advanced computer system on wheels. In the past, fixing cars involved replacing hard parts.  With more and more technology in automobiles, higher emissions standards, and demanding fuel economy requirements from consumers, onboard computer systems have become a critical area for automotive service.

Car Computer

Updating the software in your car's ECU is not only required for common service procedures, but often can be the sole repair needed for a customer’s problem.   The diagram below demonstrates how a technician would connect their computer to the internet and a J2534 device to reprogram the vehicle's computer systems.

The first J2534 tool was created by Drew Technologies. Our products have been validated by more automakers than any other company.  Explore our site to learn more about ECU reprogramming, why technicians need J2534, training information, and what products will work best for your needs.