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Remote Assisted Programming: Our easy-to-use approach to help you finish the job correctly, keep the vehicle in your shop, and increase profits with customer satisfaction.


DrewLinQ is a high-performance, rugged device supporting heavy-duty, medium-futy, and OBDII vehicles as well as off-highway, agricultural, military, automotive, and other industrial-stationary equipment.


RAP® – 2017 New Product Showcase Award

November 15, 2016

Drew Technologies was an exhibitor at one of the largest automotive shows in the United States, SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. DrewTech was honored in receiving...

DrewTech introduces RAP®

September 9, 2016

Drew Technologies, subsidiary of Opus Inspection, Inc., announces release of its Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) system. The RAP system consists of a self-contained hardware kit and remote service that allows...

About Drew Technologies


Drew Technologies is a global leader in vehicle communications products with a core focus in OEM diagnostics and reprogramming. Our products are also used for emissions testing and new car development. For more information, click HERE.